Customer Service

Service Guideline and included services

When buying a Simi software, a certain scope of service depending on the price range will already be included. For some of our products it is mandatory to purchase an extra on-site training due to their complexity.

Please see the details in our Service Guideline.


Direct communication in case of problems

For our customers there are different ways of getting in contact with us. Please verify in advance whether the problem you're dealing with could be one of the identified common problems you might be able to solve yourself. Find a list of those in our Customer Service FAQ.

If a different unknown error occurs, we kindly ask you to send an email to You can highly simplify the process for both sides through a detailed explanation of the problem and related screenshots.

Afterwards it is mostly the easiest way, that our employee connects his computer to yours (via internet) to solve your issue interactively and together with you. This is done over the tool "TeamViewer", which we install on your Simi computer before shipping. You just need to start it and hand over your ID and a session-password so that our employee is then able to access your computer and chat or talk to you by phone at the same time.

If TeamViewer was somehow removed from your computer, please find it here:
TeamViewer Support remote access module for our customers (Help).

By phone:
We kindly ask you to only call our service-team in most urgent emergencies. We will contact you as soon as possible after your request anyway.



It is possible to book an additional on-site training at any time. This is reasonable if you have new employees who shall run your prospective analyses or if you want to refresh your Simi-know-how after a while.

Moreover we also offer trainings for customers and interested parties from time to time. Please find those in our Academy.