Customer Service FAQ - Frequently asked questions and their solutions

My software is not starting anymore

There are four different reasons for that

a) The USB-license-key is not connected to your computer or the USB-port is damaged. - Please try another USB-port.

b) You were using a loan software which has now expired. - Please send us a license-request. Therefore please follow the instructions.

c) You (or your IT) has changed your operating system, or newly set up the computer - Please send us a support-request.

d) If you're sure that none of the previous points applies, your USB-license-key could be damaged. - Please send the old key back to our office in Germany and we will send you a new one.


Problems with the camera image

image is black
- re-check if the lense is open, re-check if the trigger cables and the trigger box are plugged in?

image is flickering
- slightly increase or decrease the camera speed

image is greasy
- open camera settings in live-display, reduce the gain


Software is not recognizing my camera

Please open the Basler Pylon IP Konfigurator and re-check whether your camera is being recognized there.

a) The camera is not recognized by the Konfigurator as well. - Please take a look at the back of your camera and check whether the lights on the data port are lit. If not the camera might have no power. Please check your power source.

b) The camera is being displayed in the konfigurator but still not recognized by the Simi software. - The problem might be due to an IP-address-conflict or an incorrect driver-interface. Please contact us via support-request.