Markerless Baseball Analysis

“We’ve always believed in assessment-based individualized training. […] We decided to go with Simi’s markerless motion capture technology to serve as the cornerstone piece for our assessment process. What really stood out to us from the markerless standpoint was the efficiency. The efficiency of markerless motion capture allows us to capture a ton of different pitchers on the same day. […] Markerless has done wonders for us. […] It’s helped us to learn more about each individual’s movement strategies. […] It’s really helped us to remove the guesswork. […] Through the help of Simi it has been a phenomenal process.”

Austin Meine, Director of Pitching at
Premier Pitching and Performance, St. Louis

Markerless Motion Capture for (pro) athlete testing

"I've used marker-based motion capture systems for human movement analysis for over 10 years and recently switched to the markerless system from Simi Reality Motion Systems. I couldn't be happier! The preparation time is significantly reduced because I no longer need to apply markers to the participant or worry about them falling off during testing. Moreover, I can now extract whole-body kinematics and kinetics without applying a full marker set, providing me with a more in-depth movement analysis without increasing testing time. Additionally, post-processing time is reduced and I can quickly and easily perform desired calculations and generate reports."

Dr. Emily Lawrence, PhD, Director of Biomechanics at
Sports Academy, Newbury Park

Human Movement Science PhD at university

"With an 8-camera Simi Motion 3D system it was possible to analyze human movement in different settings and populations. I assessed balance performance and the related use of the postural control mechanisms in children, older adults and younger adults when standing on different (unstable) surfaces. Furthermore, the Simi system has been used to analyze reaching movements or gait. It was great that marker-based video analysis could be synchronized with other equipment such as force plates and EMG. I appreciate the quick support and the willingness to think along concerning the choice for a certain software module (e.g. Simi motion 2D/3D, Simi Shape 3D or hybrid tracking) depending on the study design.

In addition to marker-based motion capture, markerless motion capture has caught our attention. Markerless motion capture allows full-body 3D motion capture using simple video recordings without the need to attach markers and without the necessity of lab conditions. This allows a high degree of automatization and recordings in an unobstrusive manner in a natural environment. Therefore, I believe that markerless technology is the future of motion capture."

Maud van den Bogaart, joint degree PhD student at Hasselt University (Belgium) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Simi Aktisys for Running Analysis in PT-clinic

"The Simi Aktisys 2D system has transformed the way we evaluate running gait in our outpatient physical therapy clinic. The Simi system allows us to document joint angles at key points in the running gait cycle and quantify this information.
In addition, the high speed 2-camera system captures compensatory movement patterns which the patient can see in real time and via PDF reports. Our customers have been very pleased with the useful information they received as a consequence of the accurate, objective data and visual findings. As physical therapists, we are now able to utilize the Simi Aktisys 2D system to evaluate the true cause of running injury and dysfunction."

John Fiore, PT, Founder and Owner of
Sapphire Physical Therapy, Missoula, Montana

Simi Aktisys for Physiotherapy and Chiropractic

"Our team of physical therapists, chiropractors and movement specialists uses SIMI Aktisys software on a daily basis to identify and objectively evaluate faulty movement patterns for our patients.
SIMI allows us a real-time analysis of an individual's movement from any perspective. We can observe quantifiable data, such as joint angles and left to right asymmetries and view the video also in slow motion over and over.
One of the many great benefits about this software is that it can be applied to our large variety of patients, be it professional athletes, runners or patients suffering from degenerative diseases and other age related issues.
With SIMI we have added valuable diagnostic tools that we can use in conjunction with our previous methods to provide patients with the  best chance of getting healthy and staying healthy."

Scott Blatt, DC, ATC and Founder and Owner of
Body Logic Sports Therapy, Westlake Village, California

Simi Aktisys for Sports Physical Therapy and Performance Diagnostics

"In my experience, the Simi Aktisys software is the best real-time, high speed motion analysis system out there. The product can be used for a variety of individuals, ranging from recreational runners to high level athletes. Aktisys allows us to quantify and visually assess an athlete in motion, which is something that cannot be done accurately without a system like Simi. With the objective data we obtain from the software, we are able to design a plan of care that is both efficient and specific to the individual's needs. Without it, we would just be guessing."

Pete Lingas, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS and Founder of
Institute for Precision in Movement
, Redlands, California

Take a look at their image film:

Simi Aktisys for Children's Rehabilitation

"We are a physical therapy department for a non-profit pediatric facility. The Simi Aktisys has helped us analyze the gait pattern in a number of children with a variety of different diagnoses and ages. We have been able to use the Simi Aktisys to capture a child’s gait on video and measure the different phases of the gait cycle in real time and compare them to a ‘normal gait pattern’. This has helped us focus our physical therapy treatment in helping correct these gait abnormalities and helping a child walk with the best gait mechanics possible." 

Brandon Hamilton, PT, DPT, Lead Physical Therapist
Midland Children's Rehabilitation Center, Texas

Simi Motion 3D for performance optimization in Biathlete

"With Simi Motion 3D in biathlete shooting measurement we are able to quantify and better understand the complex human-weapon relationship for shooting diagnostics. With understanding the complex interactions in shooting it is possible to improve shooting performance with specific training methods. We are able to identify positive or negative influences of body positioning on shooting performance. Simi Motion 3D by this now is a fix part of shooting analysis in biathletes and will be an important part in hunting gold medals for the next 10 years."

"The software is awesome! Meanwhile the system is a mandatory part of our performance diagnostics with German Biathletes and we have gained many new insights. The whole Simi system is running very stably, and we want to thank Simi support for always fixing our small problems so quickly."

Dr. Nico Espig, Dr. Dirk Siebert,
Leipzig University, Faculty of Sport Science

Simi Motion in Parkinson Research

"Our studies examining the neural mechanisms of gait and postural control in people with Parkinson's disease use an 8-camera SIMI Reality Motion System. The analysis of high-speed video images, synchronized with force plates and 10-channel wireless EMG provides us with important insight into the spatial and temporal sequence of events that lead to freezing of gait and start hesitation in people with Parkinson's disease. These data have been presented at the International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders in June 2014."

Dr. Colum MacKinnon
University of Minnesota, Department of Neurology

Simi Motion for Physical Therapy

"Our practice frequently uses the Simi Motion analysis in evaluation of gait and movement dysfunction in our clients with neurologic injuries and degenerative diseases. It is easy and quick to implement and the real-time analysis provides us and our clients with immediate feedback. It is an essential tool in our evaluation for rehabilitation and also to optimize performance for wellness in chronic disease."

Julie Hershberg PT, DPT, NCS and Owner of
[re+active] physical therapy and wellness, Los Angeles

Simi Motion for shoe research and testing

Heeluxe is a small research lab in Santa Barbara, USA. Heeluxe is active in the field of shoe research and testing. Many of today's shoes and footwear you can find in stores have been examined on their effectiveness and quality by Heeluxe. Especially new laws bring shoe companies to scientifically validate what is promised and find out about any negative effects of footwear on biomechanics.

Watch the video about Heeluxe' work with Simi Motion:

Shoe Development

This video shows how Dr. Geoffrey A. Gray from Heeluxe used latest biomechanical methods to validate the shoe development goals of Teva with the help of Simi.

Simi Motion for Sport Performance Analysis

"We are a small human performance laboratory that routinely performs biomechanical studies in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings, including athletic venues, weight rooms and the lab. Since we needed a versatile and yet powerful system, we chose SIMI Motion in 2004 and have been using it ever since. We have been very pleased with its capabilities and have always greatly appreciated the prompt, courteous and competent product support over the years. Thank you for your versatile and powerful product."

Glenn Street, PhD
St. Cloud State University, Human Performance Lab

Simi Motion in Neuroscience

"We use the Simi software program to analyze dynamics of prey capture in the cuttlefish. The system has been great to use and allowed us to gather all the data we need. Once trained, its easily accessible for all levels of researchers and students – the program has been heavily used by undergraduates for data analysis. One concern when buying equipment/purchasing software is the level of support you get once the product has been paid for – on this front Simi has been amazing! All questions are answered quickly and Benedikt is always willing to travel or give online support when extra help is needed. I highly recommend this product!"

Dr. Olivia Mullins, Post-doctoral researcher in Neuroscience
UC San Diego, Department of Neuroscience

Simi Aktisys in rehabilitation research and practice

"Shortly after I began my training as a clinical biomechanics PhD student I realized the 'gap' between the biomechanics lab and the PT clinic in terms of technology. I knew that in order for clinical practice to advance, an affordable and efficient application of innovative technology designed specifically for clinicians was required. The SIMI Aktisys2D system is that technology. Along with my SIMI system, I’ve been able to purchase a Delsys Trigno wireless EMG system, and the two have integrated nicely into my part-time PT practice. I get to enjoy improved objectivity in my assessments, while my patients benefit from various forms of specific movement feedback essential to movement re-education. Also, the SIMI technicians are eager to hear my feedback as they’re constantly looking for ways to improve the clinical usability of this system."

Lee Atkins, PT
Texas Tech University, Health Sciences Center, School of Allied Health Sciences
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

Simi Aktisys and Simi Motion in a Movement Laboratory

"At AKI, we were searching for a system that allowed us to objectively measure human movement in order to better guide our physical therapy related interventions. The Simi system was our first choice due to the extremely insightful, knowledgeable and always available technicians, the ease of use of the system and the ability to integrate the Simi software with other tools such as EMG and force plates. Now that we have the Simi system, I am finding that the data our movement laboratory can provide is extremely unique in its ability to help diagnose musculoskeletal dysfunction and rehabilitate the client by specifically identifying relevant biomechanical impairments related to their pain experience or performance deficit. Thank you, Simi!"

Dr. Tom Walters, DPT, OCS, CSCS, Adjunct Assistant Professor at Westmont College and Partner and Doctor of Physical Therapy at
The ArthroKinetic Institute, Santa Barbara

Simi Aktisys and Simi Motion in the Finnish Research Institute for Olympic Sports

"We selected a Simi system when renewing our motion analysis system. We were looking for a versatile system for sports with quick and high-quality analysis and feedback options. The Simi system fits us perfectly, enabling us to work efficiently with various sports and different demands (indoor/outdoor, with/without markers, etc.). The automatic marker tracking by using either Simi Motion or the real-time tracking in the new Simi Aktisys software is of particular benefit to us and has been greatly appreciated by the athletes and coaches, our national team javelin throwers for example. The Simi system delivers quick feedback about performance during the training session - this used to take hours or even days before."

Sami Kuitunen, PhD, Chief Specialist of Sport Biomechanics at
KIHU - Research Institute for Olympic Sports, Jyväskylä, Finland

Simi Aktisys und Simi Motion for Athletic Performance in Pro Sports

"The Simi team have been great to work with - you have been a huge help to P3 for a year now and we are very lucky to have you working with us. I feel very comfortable coming to you all with questions or concerns, so be prepared to face some as I spend more time with the program! It is a great tool to have - it has been a great, exciting challenge so far... I'm looking forward to digging into it even more!"

Eric Leidersdorf, Lead Biomechanist at
P3 Peak Performance Project, Santa Barbara

Simi Aktisys und Simi Motion in a Sports Performance Center

Our customer DPT Sports Performance Center in San Diego uses Simi Aktisys and Simi Motion for evaluation of recreational and professional athletes. See the video about their work:

Simi Aktisys for Gait Analysis

Watch this video about Grün 25, a German physical therapy clinic. The physical therapists use Simi Aktisys in daily therapy for gait analysis. Grün 25 works with patients for evaluation of neurological, orthopedic and sports medical questions.