treadmill analysis with Simi MotionTwin

What is Simi MotionTwin?

Simi MotionTwin is designed to conduct quick and simple video supported movement analysis. MotionTwin focuses on rapid and simple operability and the comparison of several videos at one time. MotionTwin facilitates the visual comparison of videos and differences in movement with diverse viewing options and the possibility for basic 2D static frame measurements. MotionTwin has an attractive user-interface, which is easy to navigate, facilitating presentations for patients, colleagues, athletes and funding agencies alike. MotionTwin is an aesthetic tool for the comparison of videos and for simple measurements. It is primarily an instrument for visual comparison and documentation.


What makes Simi MotionTwin unique?

MotionTwin offers extensive video comparison possibilities and 2D static frame measurement functions for the simple and uncomplicated video analysis for comparison of different videos, and highlighting of differences in technique. MotionTwin is the perfect instrument for visualization and video analysis.

comparison of video sequences

In which variations can I buy Simi MotionTwin?

A simpler version of Simi MotionTwin is available which can be used with everyday, commercial cameras. A high speed version is also available so that the software can be integrated with high speed cameras.


What is the operational procedure for Simi MotionTwin?

MotionTwin can be used for various applications and different movement analysis tasks. Simi MotionTwin uses recorded movement videos (e.g. walking on a treadmill or in a room) to supply static frame 2D measurements. Notes and drawings can be added to the video and extensive video comparison functions are available. 

The main focus of Simi MotionTwin is in the synchronicity and qualitative comparison of inter and intra-subjects movement analyses. The video portrayal and annotative drawing functions can be used as a presentation system in training or meetings. For this purpose, video material can be put together with the help of state of the art multi media functions; „Videosplit“ produces a video clip, which can combine two or more recordings side by side, „Videomix“ places two or more videos on top of one another and „Stroboskop“ creates a montage of several images. As a result, differences and mistakes can be distinguished and rectified with greater ease. In addition, angles, distances and other measurements can be measured and printed out in a report, allowing for documentation of performance and improvement.

Simi MotionTwin - one movement seperated in different sequences

What results do I get from Simi MotionTwin?

You achieve a video analysis which highlights differences in technique and facilitates an exact insight into movement sequences. All results can be exported in a report.


System requirements

The current version of this product is only compatible with Win7 right now.

Simi MotionTwin is a software to compare or analyze videos. It is the cheapest product available from the Simi range, and can therefore be used to work with a multitude of recording instruments, ranging from sophisticated high-speed cameras to normal webcams.


Simi supports a wide range of camera models and recording systems available on the market.


The functionality of webcams and similar low-end cameras for unsophisticated and simple applications is generally a given, but something which we are not able to guarantee. Consumer cameras are supported by our systems when they contain DV-Outlets but synchronisation is not possible.


Professional industrial cameras are not directly supplied by us, but a selection of certain camera types and brands are fully functional with our software. The following makes can be fully integrated:

- Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) (1394a/b, GigE)
- Basler (1394a/b, GigE, Camera Link)
- Mikrotron (Camera Link)
- SVS Vistek (GigE)
- The Imaging Source (TIS) (1394a)
- Baumer (GigE/Camera Link)

Through communication standards other makes are also supported (FireWire: DCAM, GigE: GigE Vision, alle: GenICam), but require pre-arrangement with us on an individual basis.


Industrial cameras can be equipped for a range of applications, and therefore can be used for almost all requirements


Follow this link for an objective indication of lens suitability>>


Simi MotionTwin can be configured with many different recording systems. Our many years of experience have taught us to offer a standard package which offers the best conditions for all typical applications. We also however offer systems of a higher quality with industrial cameras directly and other configurations can be constructed by our customers themselves.

Generally systems will run with between one and four cameras, according to the requirements of the measurement. Individual systems can however be put into effect and upgraded according to your needs due to the open design of Simi products.


Video Data Format

With Simi a whole range of video types can be used, if supported by Simi. Even if they had not been recorded with Simi recording systems. The video format is essential for the quality and application range of analysis.


Uncompressed, digital video data is the standard output of industrial cameras and is directly supported by Simi Motion. Colour cameras deliver uncompressed video data with coded colour information (Bayer), which can be decoded by our software into video playback format.


DV (Digital Video) as well as MiniDV are the norm with camcorders and are directly supported, M-JPEG with 3.5 MB/s (PAL 720x576@25, NTSC 640x480@29.97)


HDV, AVCHD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, HDCAM, XDCAM, DVCAM, MPEG IMX, Digital Betacam and other modern, highly compressed digital formats have up until now not been supported. The playback of recorded video data on the PC is possible after the installation of video decoder software (Codec). We’re however not able to guarantee specifics such as precise frame control, correct input signal and correct representation of aspect ratios for these.

It is now possible for videos of foot pressure measurement to be imported into MotionTwin however force plate, EMG and other data sources cannot be integrated. Should you need to integrate data from other equipment, such capabilities are extensively integrated within Simi Motion.

Product Information

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