What is Simi Aktisys 3D?

Simi Aktisys 3D is the three-dimensional version of Simi Aktisys. You can learn more about all general features of Simi Aktisys.


What is the difference between Simi Aktisys 2D and 3D?

Simi Aktisys 3D supports 2 to 4 calibrated cameras and generates 3D data. Simi Aktisys 2D only provides 2D data.


Why do I need Simi Aktisys 3D?

3D data compared to 2D data...

  • is more accurate for movements outside the camera plane
  • provide transversal plane movement data (rotations)
  • support more parameters

With 3D data it is possible to measure parameters in different planes without the need of placing a camera in each plane. As all data is measured in three dimensions this allows for example measurement of extension/flexion, abduction/adduction, and rotation of the hip with only two cameras positioned frontal of the patient.


How easy is Simi Aktisys 3D to use?

Simi Aktisys 3D is very easy to use. The measurement process is identical to Simi Aktisys 2D: choose protocol, select start, realtime measurement, select stop and get an automatic report immediately.

For 3D measurements cameras have to be calibrated. Therefore, Simi Aktisys 3D includes a very easy and automatic 3D calibration based on a checkerboard pattern. A small demo video can be found below.


Supplies for Simi Aktisys 3D

  • Notebook for recording two to four high-speed cameras with 100 Hz
  • two to four high-speed cameras with accessory (lenses, cables, hardware synchronisation)
  • mounting kit for cameras (flexibly adjustable, mobile; cameras stay calibrated)
  • LED markers with remote control                      
  • Software Simi Aktisys 3D



Product Information

Should you be interested in any of our products or require further information, we are looking forward to your email to sales@simi.com. Or simply give us a call: +1-310-579-9709.