Simi Aktisys Setup

What is Simi Aktisys?

Simi Aktisys is the quickest and most simple way of conducting dynamic movement analyses; processed data can be obtained with just three clicks of the mouse! The software uses coloured LED markers to calculate measurements from videos or directly from the live-stream!


Years of work on high-performance algorithm developments have led to the production of Simi Aktisys, so that it is able to recognise and identify markers in real-time on video recordings. This milestone in the advancement of video analysis technique was achieved by Simi in collaboration with research partners from all over the world.

What makes Simi Aktisys unique?

Simi Aktisys is a time saving, efficient, dynamic and cost effective movement analysis system. With the fully automatic tracking of coloured LED markers, Simi Aktisys reduces analysis time, and delivers a better quality of data for your work. The software employs the most up-to-date technology available and excels in its user friendly qualities. Small markers are located automatically on the camera image, captured during the recording and the resulting data is put at your disposal. As a result, rapid analyses using reliable data, as well as biofeedback solutions, are possible.


In which variations can I buy Simi Aktisys?

Simi Aktisys is a simple product which can be set up and ready for use in no time at all. A key feature is that the software allows users who have little experience with computers, but require a quick and meaningful analysis, to conduct simple but meaningful analyses. For this reason, Aktisys abstains from having numerous product variants, but is instead delivered in one configuration which is specific to the needs of the user.

Aktisys is available in the 2D version - 2D parameters are being calculated on one camera image.

Or the 3D version - by using 2 calibrated cameras the system calculates 3D data (more accurate data and calculation of parameters in transversal plane).


What is the operational procedure for Simi Aktisys?

Aktisys records videos and analyses data directly from the live-stream using a high-speed camera, providing instant results. For this, Aktisys captures active colored LED markers automatically. Data and videos can then undergo further analysis and be viewed in play-back mode. Aktisys provides a meaningful report with data and pictures from the video, that can be documented and archived. Data and text can also be added to the video play-back, and then saved.  


What results do I get from Simi Aktisys?

You receive direct biofeedback and immediate movement data such as angles, distances, axes and other parameters. You can output these directly in well designed reports.

example of clinical gait analysis

To be able to conduct analyses, it is necessary to use the operating system which comes as part of the product package, in addition to the software. Because Aktisys comes with its own hardware, this eliminates the possibility of integration difficulties, guaranteeing error-free and smooth functioning.

The Aktisys system consists of the following components:

Aktisys 2D:

Camera (approx 100fps), objective 4-11mm focal length, tripod, LED markers (5 pieces), adhesive rings, camera cable (10m), laptop for recording and camera analysis.

Aktisys 3D:

2 camera set (ca. 100fps, Zoom lense, cable), 1 large tripod, LED Marker (5 Stück), glue ring, Laptop for recording up to 4 cameras (0,3MP@100fps), metal bar for precalibrating cameras

If analysis requirements demand it, then it is possible for other configurations to be developed at an extra cost.

At present, Aktisys is not able to integrate measurements from external equipment. Force plates and EMG measurements can however, be widely integrated and used with Simi Motion.

Aktisys is able to employ different measurement protocols at any time. The following protocol are already combined with coordinate data, special application knowledge and pre-defined approaches in Aktisys:

Gait Analysis Protocol- Sagittal

Protocol sagittal gait analysis requires the use of 5 markers; these are placed on the fore foot, under the ankle joint and on the knee joint, trochanter and shoulder. The recording functions fully automatically and determines values for dorsal and plantar flexion at the ankle, extension and flexion at the knee and hip, and upper body angle to the horizontal.


In the review with the patient, therapists can demonstrate the different phases of gait, as described by Rancho Los Angeles. Without need for further input from the analyst, a report is produced which shows the amplitudes of joint angles, step length and the duration of the stand and swing phases as the video image and corresponding joint angles with standard reference values for every phase. Normalized angle-time graphs with reference data for the entire gait cycle are shown as well.


Through the use of this analysis system, clinical gait analyses can be conducted simply and quickly, allowing practitioners to supply patients with feedback much faster.

Analysis Protocol- Frontal

When analysing in the frontal plane, 5 markers are also used. These are placed anteriorly on the ankle joint, the origin of the patella ligament, on both the left and right anterior superior iliac crests and in line with the height of the T6 vertebrae. This allows for the measurement of valgus and varus movement at the knee, lateral hip tilt, and deviations of the upper-body from the midline. Information regarding initial contact, maximum knee flexion and toe off can also be calculated when reviewing results with the patient. The report automatically shows joint angles as well as the respective video image for key time points. Angle/time graphs can also be generated for each joint, which provide an overview of joint movement and the opportunity to determine joint angles at any stage of the cycle.


Tests such as frontal gait analysis, frontal running analysis, step down testsleg axis stability tests and many more can be conducted automatically for immediate patient feedback. This a system for rehabilitation.


Product Information

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