Markerless Motion Capture and Analysis with Simi Shape 3D

As a software module to Simi Motion, Simi Shape 3D allows full-body 3D motion capture and analysis without any markers! AI-powered motion capture combined with our experience and algorithms from more than 30 years in the field of computer vision-based motion analysis lead to the highest accuracy on the market.

silhouette tracking shown on a person in 3D

What makes Simi Shape 3D unique?

The possibility to work markerless is advantageous in various ways: 

- no time loss due to attaching markers
- less failure potential due to misplacement of markers
- no artefacts because of markers moving on skin or clothes
- no disturbance of movement caused by markers
- hybrid tracking possibility
- automatic processing

With Simi Shape you can use all possibilities of Simi Motion regarding data acquisition (synchronized high-speed video, kinematics, force plates, EMG, pressure, etc.), data processing, and data analysis.

Simi Shape integrated with Simi Motion offers the unique solution for hybrid use of two technologies, marker-based and markerless. While capturing markerless it can use additional markers, for example for certain rotation axes or for validation of results.




Are you wondering about the accuracy of the markerless or hybrid motion capture technology by Simi?

Please find results of Research and Validations here.

Product Information

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