Cell research software Simi BioCell

With Simi BioCell it is possible to capture, track and objectively document the entire development of an embryo. Starting with single cells, Simi BioCell’s capabilities extend as far as studying the entire cellular development of a complete complex organism.

The fast, software-based data acquisition and analysis provides a basis for scientific argumentation with substantiated database documentation. Acquisition is based on microscopic video recordings of cell development. With the appropriate recordings, information about the depth of cells can be processed by the software.

Simi BioCell was developed with the help of Prof. Dr. Ralf Schnabel at the Technical University of Braunschweig and its practical application has been tested successfully over the course of many years.

Screenshot einer Zellanalyse

Advantages of Simi BioCell

- simple, fast data acquisition by clicking with the mouse on the video image
- various acquisition features such as collision detection, fixed points in time etc.
- arbitrary reference project as a basis for new projects and for comparison
- direct comparison of several projects colored grouping of cells
- data export and import


various image and video sources:    
- video files (AVI)     
- single image sequences (TIFF)     
- support of wavelet compression (LuraWave)     
- analog image data via suitable hardware     
- optional recorder control via RS-232 interface 

Display options

- detailed cell lineage two and three-dimensional views of cell positions,
- cell paths and mitoses
- flexible listing and filtering by cell names, cell properties and points in time

In Simi BioCell, videos are taken from specific microscopic camera systems and imported into the software. As a result, single or multi-channelled systems can be applied.

Product Information

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