Well deserved retirement for Simi founder Andreas Russ

May 13, 2019

Well deserved retirement for Simi founder Andreas Russ.
Next generation is taking the lead - a strong partner by their side.

27 years of hard work and dedication are drawing to a close. This is farewell to visionary, entrepreneur and founder of Simi. Andreas Russ is leaving the company for his well deserved retirement. During the 1980s a vision of video analysis had developed over time. His vision was to record movements and gain the biomechanical data. In 1992 he founded Simi in order to give it a try.
The vision had been centuries ahead of times. Markers needed to be attached to the object for the computer to track the data. Yet Simi became a leader in using normal high-speed cameras instead of infrared cameras - image-based video analysis was born.

Since then Andreas Russ has developed his company to a global player for Motion Capture and analysis solutions. In the 2000s he introduced his sons to the company and together they built an international network of partners and founded branches in USA and China. Above all this, we are more than proud that Simi was eventually able to bring Andreas' original vision to life. With markerless Simi Shape we have developed a milestone for the complete biomechanics' market.

Simi now part of ZF Friedrichshafen

On the same note, we are glad to announce that from now on Simi has a strong partner by its side. Andreas Russ has sold his shares to ZF Friedrichshafen, one of the most important corporate groups in Europe. His sons will stay in the company and take over his responsibilities. Pascal Russ as a CEO and Philipp Russ as COO will try to take Simi and the technology to the next level.

The complete Simi team wants to warmly thank Andreas for all the time he spent, his innovative ideas, efforts and dedication. His unique idea and his entrepreneurship has brought Simi to where it is now. We wish him all the best for his retirement and hope that he will proudly watch Simi evolve and grow.


Press release by ZF Group