What's new at Simi?

We have developed a lot of new innovations and product improvements during the last months, including a new website as well as new company catalogues.

The latest innovations improve efficiency, speed and accuracy of our products. The following innovations are available now:

Simi Silhouette Tracking

markerless motion capture
• no markers, time-saving
• validated data
• optional hybrid integration of markers

Simi Aktisys 3D

extremely simple usage
• all parameters also in transverse plane
• guided calibration with chessboard pattern
• the easiest, fastest and most practical 3D analysis system

Simi Aktisys 1.3

• new protocols for gait analysis, running analysis and spine analysis
reference images during analysis and in reports
• improvement of bio feedback
• new possibilities for synchronization
• optionally hide video overlays
real-time video undistortion for small rooms

Simi Chessboard Calibration

• for small rooms and wide-angle lenses
• video undistortion
• higher accuracy, better results

Simi Wand Calibration

• improved accuracy, easy handling, fast calibration
• fully automatic, dynamic and video-based

Simi Image Processing

• continuous adjustment of contrast and brightness
better tracking results, i.e. with pattern matching
• better video images with difficult environmental conditions

Simi Video Recording Systems

powerful multi-camera video recording systems
• high resolution, high frame rate, high accuracy
• current standard configurations
   • 4 megapixels, 140 Hz, 8 cameras
   • 2 megapixels, 100 Hz, 8 cameras
   • 1 megapixels, 250 Hz, 8 cameras
   • 0.3 megapixels, 100 Hz, 16 cameras

Simi Model-based Tracking

• model-based marker assignment (labeling)
fully automatic
• time-saving
• better results
• variable models

New Catalogue and new Website

more application knowledge
• more product details
• recommendations

Coming soon: Simi iPad App!
Check the App Store for "Simi Move"

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