Video analysis makes an exact insight into movement sequences possible for both coaches and athletes alike. Through the detailed analysis and comparison of inter and intra-athlete differences in movement sequences, it is possible to both analyse and visualise simple movements. The equipment is used to its greatest advantage when employed during training and debriefs to give a detailed picture of proceedings. Tools such as slow motion, video-overlay, synchronised playback of several videos, angle measurements and more, which are possible in video analysis software are fast becoming a necessity in sport.

Simi Aktisys Setup

What is Simi Aktisys?

Simi Aktisys is the quickest and most simple way of conducting dynamic movement analyses; processed data can be obtained with just three clicks of the mouse! The software uses coloured LED markers to calculate measurements from videos or directly from the live-stream!


Years of work on high-performance algorithm developments have led to the production of Simi Aktisys, so that it is able to recognise and identify markers in real-time on video recordings. This milestone in the advancement of video analysis technique was achieved by Simi in collaboration with research partners from all over the world.

What makes Simi Aktisys unique?

Simi Aktisys is a time saving, efficient, dynamic and cost effective movement analysis system. With the fully automatic tracking of coloured LED markers, Simi Aktisys reduces analysis time, and delivers a better quality of data for your work. The software employs the most up-to-date technology available and excels in its user friendly qualities. Small markers are located automatically on the camera image, captured during the recording and the resulting data is put at your disposal. As a result, rapid analyses using reliable data, as well as biofeedback solutions, are possible.


In which variations can I buy Simi Aktisys?

Simi Aktisys is a simple product which can be set up and ready for use in no time at all. A key feature is that the software allows users who have little experience with computers, but require a quick and meaningful analysis, to conduct simple but meaningful analyses.

Aktisys is available in the 2D version - one camera is needed, the software calculates 2D parameters.

Or the 3D version - at least two cameras are required cameras, the software calculates 3D data (more accurate data and calculation of parameters in transversal plane).


What is the operational procedure for Simi Aktisys?

Aktisys records videos and analyses data directly from the live-stream using a high-speed camera, providing instant results. For this, Aktisys captures active colored LED markers automatically. Data and videos can then undergo further analysis and be viewed in play-back mode. Aktisys provides a meaningful report with data and pictures from the video, that can be documented and archived. Data and text can also be added to the video play-back, and then saved.  


treadmill analysis with Simi MotionTwin

What is Simi MotionTwin?

Simi MotionTwin is designed to conduct quick and simple video supported movement analysis. MotionTwin focuses on rapid and simple operability and the comparison of several videos at one time. MotionTwin facilitates the visual comparison of videos and differences in movement with diverse viewing options and the possibility for basic 2D static frame measurements. MotionTwin has an attractive user-interface, which is easy to navigate, facilitating presentations for patients, colleagues, athletes and funding agencies alike. MotionTwin is an aesthetic tool for the comparison of videos and for simple measurements. It is primarily an instrument for visual comparison and documentation.


What makes Simi MotionTwin unique?

MotionTwin offers extensive video comparison possibilities and 2D static frame measurement functions for the simple and uncomplicated video analysis for comparison of different videos, and highlighting of differences in technique. MotionTwin is the perfect instrument for visualization and video analysis.

comparison of video sequences

In which variations can I buy Simi MotionTwin?

A simpler version of Simi MotionTwin is available which can be used with everyday, commercial cameras. A high speed version is also available so that the software can be integrated with high speed cameras.


What is the operational procedure for Simi MotionTwin?

MotionTwin can be used for various applications and different movement analysis tasks. Simi MotionTwin uses recorded movement videos (e.g. walking on a treadmill or in a room) to supply static frame 2D measurements. Notes and drawings can be added to the video and extensive video comparison functions are available. 

The main focus of Simi MotionTwin is in the synchronicity and qualitative comparison of inter and intra-subjects movement analyses. The video portrayal and annotative drawing functions can be used as a presentation system in training or meetings. For this purpose, video material can be put together with the help of state of the art multi media functions; „Videosplit“ produces a video clip, which can combine two or more recordings side by side, „Videomix“ places two or more videos on top of one another and „Stroboskop“ creates a montage of several images. As a result, differences and mistakes can be distinguished and rectified with greater ease. In addition, angles, distances and other measurements can be measured and printed out in a report, allowing for documentation of performance and improvement.

Simi MotionTwin - one movement seperated in different sequences

What results do I get from Simi MotionTwin?

You achieve a video analysis which highlights differences in technique and facilitates an exact insight into movement sequences. All results can be exported in a report.

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