Sports biomechanics allows detailed analysis of sports movements. With these results the mechanics of movements can be improved to allow better sports performance and/or less injury risk. Sports biomechanics is often confronted with very special requirements:


  • Analysis often has to be done at the place of sports performance (in the field)
  • High performance athletes need to get analyzed in competition to get relevant information
  • Results have to be communicated and be understand by athletes and trainers to make use out of them in training


Sports biomechanics often focuses on improvement of sports performance to reach extraordinary results. Often Olympic athletes get sports biomechanical assessment to reach optimal movement performance. 

As athletes and their conditions are very individual, sports biomechanical assessments need to be individual to the athlete and the specific question. Methods used in sport biomechanics can differ and mostly include 2D or 3D kinematics, kinetics, EMG or pressure. A special requirement in high performance sports is the analysis in competition, where no markers or sensors can be used. Especially in this field the unique capabilities of Simi systems have enormous advantages.

Markerless motion tracking and analysis

Our markerless motion capture technology allows motion tracking and biomechanical analysis under real competition conditions which means not only without the help of any markers but also completely without the necessity of tracking suits or any other specific lab conditions. This opens up unprecedented opportunities in particular for the sports sector. Find out more about our markerless motion capture.

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