The right choice of tactics can win the game!


In tactical match analyses, causal relationships of the game can be analysed and exposed. A whole hoard of success parameters to include incidence and success rates and the paths travelled by both players and balls can be analysed. Complex relationships between different actions of the game can also be observed with Simi Scout.


Simi Scout allows for the analysis of your own team, as well as the opposition. The data can be analysed from your own recording of the game or from television footage. Actions are marked directly onto the video and assigned to a data bank so that complex relationships and statistics can later be developed to determine the correct tactics. Simi Scout, in its basic structure, is not specific to any sport, but contains several modules to allow for the analysis of a range of sports.


soccer match analysis - tactical analysis

Our software for behavior analysis as well as game/tactical analysis - Simi Scout

Simi Scout makes it possible to visualize complicated sequences and to identify causal relationships with the help of dynamic images or rows of pictures.

„Scouting“ i.e. the observation of your own team or athlete, or an opposition has always been a substantial component of success in sport.

In team sports in particular but also in individual sports, behavioural analysis, as well as technique and tactical analysis, play an important role. Simi Scout permits demonstrations of technique, speed, direction and captures sequences of events, to name just a few of its functions.

In addition to a clear and well-structured user interface, the software allows analysts to insert further information or data. Once data collection has been completed, extensive presentation methods are available for formatting and displaying data. For example, the software enables users to combine video clips and data so that a complete video sequence or specific video clips can be played, depending on which is most appropriate for each situation. This also means that subjects are able to view their own personalized video sequence. This has great importance as it has been shown that considerably greater improvements are seen in subjects who have used video images in training. Results can also be filtered into any order and exported in a video file.

Simi Scout - soccer game analysis

What makes Simi Scout unique?

Simi Scout is a multi-purpose software. Its applications range from game and tactics analysis to applications in industry and behavioural science. The reason behind this wide range of application is the open structure of the software; there is practically no task which can not be worked.

As many attributes as necessary can be tracked by means of a list which can be freely defined by the user. These attributes can then be categorised into different levels which can later be combined in any order to allow the handling of data for complex sequences of events.

The recorded data is saved in a data bank and can be compared with other projects

Simi Scout has additional features such as automatic tracking and an unlimited number of levels allowing analyses of great complexity.

Simi Scout Squash Match Analysis

What is the operational procedure of Simi Scout?

Step 1: Capture

Once an event has been recorded it can either be saved in analogue (with the video terminal) or digital (on the hard drive) format (digital video can be recorded in MPEG format to save space on the hard drive, allowing you to build up a large video database)

The operator can view the video directly on the computer monitor for analysis. All individual actions are always shown in conjunction with their respective position in the full video.

In Simi Scout it’s also possible to work with up to 10 videos taken from different viewpoints all at once. This allows the most detailed overview possible to be obtained and is particularly useful in field sports for more exact analyses.

Step 2: Define attributes

The assessment criteria need to be defined according to which actions the video is intended to judge. The action can be captured at the click of the mouse or by use of a simple shortcut.

Step 3: Save to the database

The recordings are saved in the Simi Scout database and are combined with recordings of the specific actions. In addition, the operator is able to combine several open recordings in a database, facilitating an immediate comparison between different people, from different view points or in different situations.

What results do I get from Simi Scout?

Simi Scout delivers analysis and visualisation of complex relationships and with it, the possibility to improve the tactics and performance of teams and individuals.

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