The measurement of jumping is an essential tool not only in performance diagnostics, but in all aspects of movement strategy. In performance diagnostics the most important indicators of jump performance are jump height, contact time and trajectory. When judging movement strategy however, more focus is put on the prevention of injury, full muscle activation and improving posture

Simi Aktisys provides a simple predefined report to measure jump height and distance and other kinematic parameters in real time through the help of 3 LED markers. The method by which it operates allows the use of equipment that is considerably more flexible but also cheaper than sprung floors and force plates.

The frontal perspective is most appropriate for the identification of balancing movements at the hip, knee and spine when analysing forces and the relative risk of injury.

Simi OnForce allows the operator to both capture and analyse jumps. This requires the use of a force plate (Kistler, AMTI, Bertec) in addition to Simi OnForce


This measurement system is connected to the PC via an A/D converter so that the data can be imported into Simi OnForce. The programme shows the force-time graph of the jump, allowing the user to interpret the results and identify different phases. Parameters such as jump height, accelerative impulses, and maximum forces are provided and other values can be calculated using built in functions.


The system supports countermovement, squat and drop jumps.


The compiled results can be saved in data sets, which are compatible with Simi Motion. In addition, results can also be exported in text format. In this way, data can be transferred to other programmes for further calculations or statistical analysis (e.g. Excel, SPSS, Origin).

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