Analyses in cycling sports

For optimal performance in cycling the athletic technique as well as an ideal position on the bike are crucial aspects. Both can be analyzed precisely with Simi systems.

Bike Fitting / Bike Analysis

The ergonomics on a bike depends on several factors:
- frame length and height
- seat tube angle
- saddle height and tilt
- handlebar rotation, height and inclination angle
- dynamic joint angles of the athlete (especially knees, arms, back)
- height and position of bottom bracket
- feet position
- crank length
- etc.

These do not only differ by the type of sports (sprint, triathlon, mountain biking, etc.) respectively the type of bike (Road Bicycle, Mountain Bike, Tri-Bike, etc.) but particularly to the athlete’s individual needs and physical features.

The video-based movement analysis with Simi systems can provide information of kinematic data in real-time. Thus the bicycle biometrics of every cyclist can be measured and his bike can be individually adjusted to him. Due to the optimal settings the load of individual joints can be minimized, so nothing stands in the way of the power maximization. In this context this is more and more called bike fitting, which is now offered by professional bicycle stores or physiotherapist.

Technique and Performance Analysis

Also the pedaling stroke and whole cycling technique can be analyzed with Simi. This is not only helpful when pain occurs, but also when it comes to improvement potential and performance increase of an athlete, an analysis like ours is essential.
Bad posture can be detected and corrected, the athlete’s complete biomechanics and his motion sequences can be improved and therefore performance enhanced.

Our target groups

- specialized bike shops
- cycling teams and coaches
- physical therapists

Which Simi system is the right choice?

Simi Aktisys is the simpler, cheaper and quicker program. Up to five markers on the biker can be tracked and analyzed in real-time processing speed. This is the right choice for real-time analysis with live-feedback, just as during a bike fitting.

Simi Motion
is the right choice for in-depth analysis. It is also the right system for you if you need complex model-based calculations with more than five markers or want to integrate other measurement systems. Any number of markers can be tracked. It allows a scientific and comprehensive evaluation of the cyclist through 3D kinematics (movement) and kinetics (impact of forces) for it offers the opportunity to include other systems into your analysis. Regarding cycling there is a whole range, like pressure sensors, EMG or inertial sensors. These can be synchronized with Simi Motion and integrated into your analysis. Simi Motion also offers export functions to programs like Matlab, SPSS, excel and many more.

Simi Shape - Our markerless motion capture technology allows motion tracking and biomechanical analysis under real competition conditions which means not only without the use of any markers but also completely without the necessity of tracking suits or any other specific lab conditions. Find out more about our markerless motion capture.

Product Information

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