Baseball Analysis

Baseball is one of the national sports not only in the USA but also in some Latin American and East Asian countries. Mexico, Cuba, Japan and South Korea to name just a few. Also in Europe baseball is growing popular and leagues have developed. However, it is also a sport that has high impact on the athletes’ bodies due to its complex and repetitive movement patterns. Injuries that are most common and occurring regularly in baseball athletes are related to shoulder (SLAP, biceps, rotator cuff) and elbow (flexor tendon, UCL, VEO). 


Past: Marker-based motion analysis

As in any competition sport, traditional marker-based motion capture and analysis is helpful for technique analysis and improvement, injury prevention and training adjustments but the other big aspect of major importance for teams and coaches is monitoring and analyzing performance and stress level during competition. So far this application field was considerably restricted due to the limitations of marker-based solutions:

  • Stadiums and outdoor locations lack laboratory-like conditions
  • Vice versa real competition conditions can never be 100% simulated in a laboratory
  • The use of analysis accessories like markers on the athletes is prohibited during most competitions
  • Resulting dependence on post-event analysis and pure camera images without biomechanical data


Present and Future: Markerless motion analysis

The need for a real markerless motion capture and analysis technology was obvious. With Simi’s experience of 25 years in the field of expertise, this was exactly what we’ve been working on and now we have developed the superior solution. With our MMC we broke down boundaries and opened up unprecedented opportunities:

  • Accurate data without requiring markers
  • Outdoor or indoor  - Stadium, gym, wherever
  • Motion capture during competition for real competition analysis
  • No touch point with the athletes’ competition routine (No demand for accessories or preparations on the athlete)
  • Let us equip your location with Simi cameras and system
  • Gain the data in the course of the competition and analyze it afterwards
  • It is your location, hence it is your data – also the recordings of the opponent 

Biomechanics of pitching (Pitching analysis)

A baseball pitch is one of the most dynamic throws in professional sports. By equipping your stadium we can focus your capture and analysis on the pitcher’s mound. You can collect data of all pitches performed during competition and training.

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