Functional Movement Screening to improve performance and reduce injury risk

Athletics is a major factor for long term success in sport. Optimal athletics consist of endurance and strength but also optimal function of the musculoskeletal system. In modern athletic training more and more biomechanical approaches are used to improve performance and reduce injury risk based on optimal joint and muscle function. For this purpose systems for biomechanical analysis are used to get information about kinematics, kinetics and EMG. 

Research shows that biomechanical factors have a high influence on injury risk and hidden performance potentials

  • The human body is a complex (bio)mechanical system
  • Faulty biomechanics lead to increasing mechanical loading of joints, ligaments and muscles
  • Symptoms and causes of movement related pain are often hard to distinguish due to compensatory actions
  • Modern technology and methods allow analyses of biomechanical signals like Kinematics (movement), Kinetics (force) and EMG (muscle activation)
  • Biomechanical data can help to identify the cause of movement related overloading and to select appropriate training and therapy to avoid it
  • Optimal mechanics lead to better performance and less injury

Important factors of optimal function are optimal joint alignment, inter- and intra-muscular coordination, joint forces and rotation moments with their effects on bones, ligaments and muscles.

Modern biomechanical methods are meanwhile ready of daily use. They can help to identify individual weaknesses and risk factors which can help to improve performance and lower injury risk.  

Especially in young athletes the identification of individual biomechanical weaknesses and their use in training can be an important career factor.

In past projects Simi systems were used to screen over 250 young athletes from basketball, soccer and ice hockey.

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