Dynamic spine analyses are examinations in which posture and the spine, vertebral positioning and muscle weaknesses are measured and documented, without the use of any kind of radiation or contact.

This allows numerous clinical problems to be approached objectively such as structural analysis, posture, skoliosis, and spinal deformities

A 3D spine measurement can be conducted to clarify the following conditions:

·        Discomfort in the spine and pelvis regions

·        Discomfort in the hip and knee joints

·        Discomfort in the maxilla joint

·        Head and neck pains

·        Muscle fibre tension


Spine Analysis with Simi Aktisys

Due to the rotational component of movement in the spine, its examination demands the use of a 3D analysis. Observations in 2D only can often misdiagnose or leave problems undetected, making the inclusion of the third dimension of upmost importance.


Aktysis, as ever, contains a simple and quickly deployable measurement report. The analysis is performed in 3D.


In the analysis process, anatomical markers are detected in real time, illustrating the movement parameters of the spine. As a result, common bodily axes, and different spinal segments can be both examined and analysed. The dynamic 3D angles show the relative movement of all parameters. It is essential that all parameters are analysed dynamically so that the mobility of individual segments can be analysed during standing, but also during movements such as running.



Spine Analysis Protocol - pelvis, back, shoulders

The spine analysis protocol requires the use of 5 markers which are placed on the shoulders (left and right), C7 and the PSISs (left and right) of the pelvis. With these markers, the software is able to calculate the rotation, obliquity and protraction/retraction of the shoulders, lateral flexion and flexion/extension of the spine and the rotation and obliquity of the pelvis.


These parameters are all measured during lateral flexion, rotation and flexion/extension of the spine. The protocol produces a report which shows left-right comparisons relative to the neutral position for each parameter, as well as corresponding images from the videos and graphical depictions of each parameter for each movement. These parameters can also be tested during dynamic motions such as running, walking and jumping.

Segmental Spine Analysis Protocol - lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine and pelvis

The segmental spine analysis protocol also requires five markers and these are placed on C4, T1 and L1, as well as the PSISs (left and right) of the pelvis. As a result, parameters are calculated which pertain to the flexion/extension and lateral flexion of not only the individual spinal segments (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) but also the whole spine. Additional parameters such as lateral flexion relative to the pelvis, pelvis obliquity and pelvic rotation are also measured.


The parameters are measured during flexion/extension, lateral flexion and rotation of the spine. The automatically produced report shows parameters for left-right comparisons relative to the neutral spine position as well as the corresponding images from the video and graphs depicting each parameter throughout the course of the analysis. The parameters can also be evaluated during dynamic movements such as running, jumping and gait.

Simi Motion is characterized by the diverse possibilities it offers in 2D and 3D cinematography, as well as through its ability to integrate data from external measurement devices, such as EMG and force plates. Simi Motion has extensive capabilities in the filtering and editing of data and is our premium product, with numerous configurations possible. The analysis of data in Simi Motion can be quite complex and appropriate time for data analysis as required user skills should be considered.

Simi Motion allows for a highly detailed analysis of the spine by tracking markers positioned on all vertebral bodies, allowing exact conclusions to be drawn about the intricacies of the spine’s movement. This complex and exhaustive 3D analysis provides a detailed insight into the dynamics of vertebrae and their movement relative to one another.

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