Machine analysis serves as an indispensible aid to the judgement of the performance ability in production machines. Measurement equipment and analysis tools are therefore irreplaceable concerning the monitoring of machines; especially those which are used on an everyday basis. Machine analysis helps the operator to control waiting intervals and to make rapid alterations should any stage of the process begin to fail, allowing the best chance for equipment to be salvaged should the nature of the fault be destructive. By the examination of exact processing times, mistakes can be recognised in both 2D and 3D  and plans for optimization of the process can be conducted. It is also vital to monitor processing times in the analysis of materials, for example when determining the flexibility or the behaviour of particles in material failure.


Advantages of machine and material analysis:

  • Defects in machines and materials are detected early on i.e. in the initial operation phase
  • Implementation of the correct settings is monitored
  • Optimal cutting data of equipment (can be) determined for the machine in question
  • Optimization of the production process and the reduction of surplus unproductivity
  • Surveillance of equiment that is deteriorating or that has minor faults
  • Monitoring of machine conditions to aid diagnostics in services and equipment maintenance procedures
  • Recognition of changes to external process variables
  • Collision monitoring allows rapid response to problems so that machines suffer minimum damage
  • Testing of material properties

Simi Motion allows production processes, conducted by humans or machines, to be optimized. This considerably improves safety, ergonomics and productivity and therefore also the cost effectiveness and product quality in industrial settings. All that is required is the positioning of high speed cameras so that production and testing processes can be monitored and any problems which may be effecting productivity can be identified, analyzed and resolved.


The tracking of objects supports the calculation of two or three dimensional kinematics, and this is now possible without the use of markers. Simi Motion allows an in-depth insight into the process and is also invaluably helpful in error diagnostics and the correction of faults.


The software is able to observe and analyse work places and processing stages, as well as production lines. This can protect your company against problems that might arise from machine deficits and machine crashes but also common health risks to employees.


Simi Motion allows recordings of high speed movements to be placed directly on the hard drive and to be analysed in 3 dimensions. The sychronized recording of different industrial cameras and analogue sensors allows rapid analysis of complex relationships and the software supports any hardware configuration. Data can be put into a number of common formats allowing for the simple importation and exportation of  information for further use. Simi Motion measures and compares, amongst other things, kinetic and kinematic data, distances, speeds, accelerations, angles, axial deviations, and data from external sensors. The endless possibilities for data manipulation and visualization allow relationships to be understood and communicated quickly.

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