The precise capture of rapid movement sequences is not possible using standard cameras. These cameras only capture with 24 to 60 frames per second. As a result, important moments in a video are often lost, as they occurred between two consecutive frames. Simi therefore advocates for their movement analysis systems the use of professional high-speed cameras with much higher frame rates.

The broad selection of the most modern industrial cameras supported by Simi allows us to provide tailored video capture solutions to your individual needs. We offer a range of camera types, from smaller, good value high-speed cameras to high-end models with resolutions of several millions of pixels. These cameras capture very subtle details on the video image which contributes to high precision when tracking objects. Simi delivers specially configured multi-camera systems for video recording. Our systems commonly employ the use of between two and eight cameras. Also more cameras are possible depending on individual needs, i.e. 24 cameras. The systems are easily scalable.

When recording multiple high-performance cameras, you are faced with enormous quantities of video data; up to several gigabytes per second. The video data are provided directly for display in real time as well as for immediate processing and archiving on a high-performance computer. For this purpose, Simi supplies systems with high-performance computers and specially developed software. This allows an almost undisrupted work flow. The systems can record from just a few seconds to, several minutes, to several hours. We also offer compact systems for mobile application using notebooks and where necessary, a portable power supply.

Recording systems from Simi are made for taking exact measurements. For this the image recording of all cameras is electronically synchronized so that each camera records in at the exact same time with each other camera and any other external equipment integrated. Additionally, the integrity of the video data delivered by the camera is being validated in the computer. Maximal image quality is guaranteed by the uncompressed recording of video data but video compression can also be applied if desired.


Examples of standard camera configurations
- 2-8 cameras, resolution 640x480 pixels, 120 frames per second
- 2-8 cameras, resolution 2048x1088 pixels, 100 frames per second
- 2-8 cameras, resolution 2048x1088 pixels, 280 frames per second
- 2-8 cameras, resolution 1280x1024 pixels, 500 frames per second

These configurations do not define the upper limit. Simi can also provide configurations with more and more powerful cameras depending on your requirements. Moreover, almost all camera models allow for a reduction in resolution in favour of an increased frame rate.


Examples of associated control unit (computer)
- workstation with performant data storage unit and high storage capacity (RAID)
- notebook with additional hardware extension for links to cameras
- portable industry computer

Data storage
- configuration-dependent recording into main memory (RAM) or directly to data storage units
- variable, system-dependent recording duration, ranging from seconds to hours

Video data format
- raw data format of camera, typically monochrome or Bayer-coded (color)
- optional video compression using a freely chosen codec

- hardware-based camera synchronization
- inputs and outputs for TTL-signal for synchronization of external devices

Cable length to camera
- typically 10-30m, dependent on the interface up to ca. 90m
- optional fibre optics for up to several kilometers

Camera interfaces
- Gigabit Ethernet
- FireWire IEEE-1394a/b
- USB 3.0
- CoaXPress
- Camera Link

Further Options
- integration and synchronous recordings of analogue data sources such as force plate or EMG
- battery operation for mobile applications
- optimised configurations for permanent installation, in sport halls for example

Product Information

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