The majority of time in the average person's year is spent at work. Stresses and strains through incorrect movements in the workplace must therefore be avoided to reduce absences due to illness but also to increase job satisfaction. This renders systems which conduct analyses to great effect, but which are also uncomplicated and fast, a necessity. Underlying movement patterns and poor posture can be identified so that employees can be informed and proactive measures can be taken to prevent problems from developing.

Aktisys offers the unique possiblity of screening dynamic movement patterns directly at the work place. Should it be in an office chair or in a factory setting, Aktisys delivers immediate results about individuals’  kinematics in everyday situations and thereby helps deduce their relative risk of having movement related health problems. The system can be set up in any position, requiring just a laptop and a high speed camera to capture joint angles and strains. With this information it is possible to identify and document risks, but above all, to work with employees so that the workplace can be better designed to reduce strain. As a result, absences due to illness caused by work related injuries can be reduced.

With Simi MotionTwin, videos can be recorded for analysis in any work setting. There is however, in comparison to Aktisys, less focus on exact measurements. The main goals of this software are quick recording times and a qualitative analysis process for the visualisation of postural problems. MotionTwin gives prominence to the demonstration and comparison of posture and movement in employees. Joint angles can be plotted manually for any frame of the video, so that postural problems can be visualised more easily. The most important function of MotionTwin however is the demonstration and comparison of employee movement and posture.

analysis of ergonomics at work

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