Our markerless silhouette tracking technology has been awarded with the second place at TÜV SÜD Innovation Award 2018. This technology is of particular importance for the automotive field. Now movements inside the vehicle can be tracked and analyzed just as accurate as on the outside. And all this without the use of any markers, under real-life conditions.

Most of the projects in this area are proprietary, hence just an overview on exemplary

Scopes of application:

- Crash test / Accident research / accident biomechanics
- Vehicle Production
- Automotive Safety
- Ergonomical analyses
- Autonomous driving

With an aging population who are also buying new cars, the act of climbing into and out of vehicles is becoming a theme of increasing importance. In examinations into ergonometry, subjects such as the effect of handrails on the door to assist arthritic knees, and the mechanical cost of entering the car are being broached. Through the use of this data, different scenarios can be constructed and broken down and their effect on energy expenditure and strain can be calculated.


The optimal positioning of hand rails can distribute some of the force, which would normally pass through the leg, to the arm and therefore reduces effort and strain on entering the vehicle. The biomechanical movement data can be utilized in simulation programs and to generate the optimal position of the hand grip, through calculation iteration.


A further example of application is the placement of gas pedals. With the help of movement analysis methods, the effect of shape, hardness and distance from the seat can be assessed to determine their influence on work done in muscle.


The real movement data serves to compile information about modelling and simulation, as well as testing success.

Simi Motion allows recordings of high speed movements to be placed directly on the hard drive and to be analysed in 3 dimensions. The sychronized recording of different industrial cameras and analogue sensors allows rapid analysis of complex relationships and the software supports any hardware configuration. Data can be put into a number of common formats allowing it to be imported and exported for further use with ease.


Simi motion measures and compares, amongst other things, kinetic and kinematic data, distances, speeds, accelerations, angles, axial deviations, and data from external sensors. The endless possibilities for data manipulation and visualization allow relationships to be understood and communicated quickly.

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